The Departure (prequel to A Streetcar Named Desire)


Sultry, melancholic and dangerous, The Departure is a sensitively-imagined prequel to A Streetcar Named Desire, the Tennessee Williams masterpiece

Infuriating, bewitching Blanche DuBois, a woman dependent on the “kindness of strangers”, arrives unexpectedly at her sister Stella’s home leading to mayhem in Tennessee Williams' classic play A Streetcar Named Desire. But what led Blanche to Stella’s door that night?

In The Departure, an impressively-imagined short film, Gillian Anderson provides a captivating performance, taking us back to Blanche’s earlier life; one of drink, disappointment and a dangerous liaison from which she suddenly needs to escape.

Bruno Wang Productions sponsored The Departure, written by Andrew O’Hagan, which was inspired by the Young Vic Theatre’s acclaimed 2014 production of A Streetcar Named Desire in which Anderson starred.